• March Guard 1&3

We like to look after you even after you made your purchase. That is why we have partnered up with the UKs largest jewellery insurers. To offer you true piece of mind on the precious jewellery you will wear every day.

March Guard 1&3 can be purchased along with any item bought instore over £200

  • Valuations

With the value of gold and diamonds rising, valuations are ever more important. As requested by so many insurance companies we only work with an independent Valuer who will give you a full appraisal and valuation. Knowing that your items are priceless to you we never let them out of our sight. That is why they are hand carried by us, to and from our Valuer.

For added security and insurance purposes, take advantage of our appraiser valuation system. Following the appraisal, your valuation will be presented in a brochure containing the following:

  • A full description of each item and its value.
  • Detailed photographs of each item, taken from several angles. This may include internal shots of precious stones of high value.
  • A certificate for the insurers.

In addition, all the details on your schedule, with the exception of your name and address, will be uploaded to the e-register.

  • e-register

The e-register is a network where jewellers, police, insurers and the public can relate to the protection, recovery and/or replacement of treasured possessions. A confidential copy of your valuation is filed on the e-register for safe-keeping, so that in the event of your jewellery getting lost or stolen:

The police can search the register to find a match for recovered items and trace it back to the registered owner. Your insurance company (with your permission) can have a limited view of your valuation on-line to help them settle a claim speedily and efficiently.

  • Engraving

When you would like to give a piece with true meaning, we can engrave a message or initials for you.

  • Jewelley Repairs & Restorations

We work with a local Dundee workshop to restore and repair your jewellery. We can also undertake small in store repairs and pearl re-stringing. We are big enough to undertake your repairs but small enough to care.

  • Gift Vouchers

We stock products from over 80 suppliers and currently have thousands of items on stock, so we know choosing can be difficult.