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AT Robertson & WATT

When choosing watches we look for the following criteria: Affordability, Workmanship, Fashion, Style, and Uniqueness.
Our collections include, practical watches for every day wear, diamond set watches for special occasions, ultra slim 
and eco-friendly watches.

This brand celebrates Denmark and the seaside village of Skagen, where the North and Baltic Seas meet. Quality and a sense of purpose are hallmarks of modern Danish design. Our mission is to combine the inspiration of the Danish design perspective with contemporary innovation. We create functional, purposeful, quality products that offer an alternative from a complex world and the ability to connect to simple pleasures.

Timelessly beautiful and long-lasting, like the eternal ice, BERING blends minimalistic Danish design and optimal material strength in a unique way. Inspired by the beauty of the Artic, Bering watches are characterised by clear streamlined forms & pure elegance. Made from first class materials, which have guaranteed durability and are in perfect harmany with the timeless design.

It starts with a simple yet revolutionary concept: a watch that never needs a battery. Citizen Eco-Drive technology harnesses the power of light- from any natural and artificial source and converts it into energy which is stored permanently. The Eco- Drive technology is combined with sleek, modern and stylish designs such as there ultra thin Stilleto range, Royal Air Force Red Arrows range, Diamond and Radio Controlled ranges.

Rotary is an award-winning worldwide brand making classic watches since 1895. From the Ultra Slim to the Les Orignales collection we believe that Rotary has a watch for everyone. They specialise in designing affordably stylish watches, blending contemporary with classic to achieve reliability and elegance. The Rotary pocket watch collection makes a perfect kilt accessory for special occasions.

Swiss made watches of distinction and exclusive to Robertson & Watt in Dundee. Dreyfuss & Co create elegant and classic Swiss watches for discerning customers across the globe. Our current watch collection features unique watch styles, each and every one hand made and featuring our Seafarer totally waterproof specification. Quality watches at affordable prices.

Seiko are rapidly expanding their innovating collections while keeping affordability in mind. The newest collection is Solar, no battery, light powered movements with each piece stylish and affordable. But that's not where innovations end, Seiko also make Kinetic, a range that is powered by the movement of your wrist. The core range has a lot more emphasis on classic, modern styling with robust and affordability at heart.

The idea for DW watches came from a British gentleman who had a fondness for vintage watches worn with old, weathered Nato Straps, his name was Daniel Wellington. Inspired by timeless style these minimalistic watches blend perfectly with a choice of colourful Nato or elegant leather straps. Suitable for every occasion, the interchangable straps mean you can have a different watch for every day of the week.